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Kayak Magazine

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Kayak Magazine was a literary magazine edited by George Hitchcock from 1964 to 1984. It was very important to small press in general and to surrealist and deep image poetry specifically. Explore this exhibit to see excerpts from the magazine and learn more about its importance to 20th century poetry.

The Demon Cat


The Demon Cat is a short play by James R. Rooney and illustrated by Lois Young Allport. It is the sixth play in The Short Play Series and was published in 1974. The play features abstract sketches of a seemingly harmless feline with the intent to feast on the fish that cottagers recently caught, even at the cost of their blood.

Boss Magazine


An exhibit on Boss Magazine, a mid-twentieth century counter-culture magazine featuring avant-garde poetry, prose, and photography from prominent Beat and hippie authors.  

Enchanted Realm: Avant-Garde Art

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The art for this site is selected from an exhibition catalogue called The Enchanted Domain. The following exhibit includes the pieces in their full forms, unadorned, as well as additional art from the catalogue.

Avant-Garde and the Novel

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Presented here are two novels from Hofstra's Avant-Garde Collection that both shed some interesting ligh on our reading practices in the last century or so. The novels provide interesting examples of certain phenomena of reading, as well as being visually interesting.